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All is Good!

It's Friday the sun is out and looks like a beautiful weekend ahead. What makes it even better is that the fishing has been great, between Fluke, Stripers, Blues, and Seabass.

Bait continues to push into the Breachway in the incoming tide what appears to be silver sides. That small bait I was talking about last week are growing quickly. Customers catching a mix of bass and blues off the rocks. Bass out front are starting to stack up in they're seasonal homes, filling them selves with squid, scup, and anything else they can find. Early and Late using live bait on rock piles seems to be getting the job done for bigger fish. Slot fish have been being targeted by casting plugs in shallow structure areas along the south shore and in tight on block. Even trolling umbrella rigs has proven to produce some nice slot fish.

The Salt Ponds have been holding some fish. Still more in the back water than the channels. Reading the tide can help you locate where the fish are at in the channel. This time of year can sometimes be frustrating fishing the pond, this is because all the spring growth/algae lifts from the bottom and starts  floating and moving with the tide. This can sometimes make fishing more difficult on an outgoing tide.

Fluke fishing has been consistent. Local fish coming from anywhere from 60-30 ft and block 70-30 ft. Alot of the fish on the island are fresh fish coming in skinny and covered with sea lice. Some of the local fish seem to have been around longer and have more of a belly on them. One tactic that seems to be working well for customers is dead sticking. 

Tuna buzz is starting to happen a few mixed reports of giants and Rec fish inshore.

Weekend Weather report:

Friday 6/7:  Sw Winds 5 To 10 Kt. Seas 2 To 4 Ft. Wave Detail: S 4 Ft At 8 Seconds And E 1 Foot At 9 Seconds. Patchy Fog. Vsby 1 Nm Or Less, Increasing To 1 To 3 Nm This Afternoon. High of: 75 Low of: 62

Saturday 6/8: W Winds 10 To 15 Kt With Gusts Up To 20 Kt. Seas 2 To 3 Ft. Wave Detail: S 3 Ft At 8 Seconds And W 2 Ft At 4 Seconds High of: 74 Low of: 58

Sunday 6/9:  W Winds 10 To 15 Kt With Gusts Up To 20 Kt. Seas 2 To 3 Ft. Wave Detail: S 2 Ft At 7 Seconds And W 1 Foot At 3 Seconds. A Chance Of Showers Through The Night. High of: 72 Low of: 58

Breachway Tides:

Friday:  Outgoing 12:15 P.M., till 5:55 P.M., Incoming 6:15 p.m. till 

Saturday: 12:40 A.M., outgoing 1:00 A.M. till 7:20 A.M., Incoming 7:45 A.M. Till 1:05 P.M., outgoing 1:20 P.M. till 6:40 P.M., Incoming 7:00 PM till 

Sunday: 1:25 A.M., outgoing 1:45 A.M. Till 8:00 A.M., Incoming 8:15 A.M,. till 1:52 P.M., Outgoing 2:00  P.M. till 7:30 P.M.

Shop Hours This Week: Monday-Friday 7-6 Saturday/ Sunday 6-6

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