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Pick Your Poison

Pick your Poison there are bass in a variety of locations eating all sorts of bait. The past couple days there has been a lot of small bait on the South Shore. This bait push has a lot to do with the full moon which happened last night. The bait is getting pushed into the ponds on an incoming tide. Using bait ball replicas, small spooks, and small soft plastics has been the key in the salt pond channels. Back in the pond the worm hatch is still on and with the really nice weather today into this weekend there should be a few nice hatches.

Out front bass and blues are being found on rockpiles and Breachway outflows eating anything from top water to live eels. Wont be long before some of the 30-40lb bass start staging on our local reefs.

Tautog report hasn't been the best but still customers are able to catch a few keepers. Shallow areas seem to be producing the best. Only a few days left of there season so if you want to get any before they close May 31st now is your chance.

Fluke reports are starting to pick up with mostly smaller fish being caught locally and a few bigger fish being caught at the island. Black Sea Bass are still out in deeper water but are slowly making there way in. There is an abundance of squid out-front t and we just stocked up on local squid so if you need any stop by and stock up. There has also been schools of mackerel cruising around out front can be seen on top or on your fish finder.

Weekend Weather report:

Friday 5/24: Sw Winds Around 10 Kt, Becoming Nw After Midnight. Seas Around 2 Ft. Wave Detail: Sw 2 Ft At 4 Seconds And E 1 Foot At 7 Seconds. High of: 74 Low of: 56

Saturday 5/25: E Winds Around 5 Kt, Becoming S In The Afternoon. Seas 1 Foot Or Less, Then Around 2 Ft In The Afternoon. Wave Detail: Nw 1 Foot At 2 Seconds And Se 1 Foot At 6 Seconds, Becoming S 2 Ft At 6 Seconds And Se 1 Foot At 9 Seconds. High of: 70 Low of: 55

Sunday 5/26: Se Winds 5 To 10 Kt. Seas Around 2 Ft. Wave Detail: S 1 Foot At 5 Seconds And Se 1 Foot At 9 Seconds. High of: 69 Low of: 55

Breachway Tides:

Friday: Outgoing from 12:15 P.M. Till 5:45 P.M  incoming 6:00 P.M., till 

Saturday: 12:20 A.M., outgoing 12:30 A.M. till 7:00 A.M., incoming 7:15 A.M. Till 12:50 P.M., outgoing 1:05 P.M. till 6:20 P.M., incoming 6:30 PM till 

Sunday: 1:00 A.M., outgoing 1:10 A.M. Till 7:30 A.M., incoming 7:45 A.M,. till 1:15 P.M., outgoing 1:30 P.M. till 7:15 P.M.

Shop Hours This Week: Sunday-Friday 7-6 Saturday 6-6

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