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Settling In. Lots of Bait!

Rain Bait Galore, small bait covering the south shore and enough of it to have some schools moving around uninterrupted. Silversides, Sandeels, and bay anchovies are mostly what these schools consist of. Among the stripers and bluefish shad, fluke and sea bass are targeting this bait as well. Fishing for Bass has slowed down during the day but fish can still be had. First and last light continue to produce better results for shore guys. Boat guys are using live eels and topwater plugs to entice bigger fish. There have also been some good-sized bluefish mixed in. 

Water in the back of the salt ponds is already getting to high 60's and on warm days up to 70. Fishing in the backwater has been more productive than the channels but that can all change quickly. The worm hatch is beginning to slow down but always be prepared if your going out in the evening because some areas have yet to hatch. 

Fluke are starting to show up with some consistency a mix of shorts to just keeper size locally with a few 4-5 pounders. The island is holding bigger fish and the bite seems to be in around 70 ft of water out there. Locally fish are being caught anywhere from 55-15 ft of water. Even a few keepers have been pulled out of the salt ponds. Black sea bass still seem to be in deep water off of the beaches and around the island but some have been caught in 30 ft of water. Scup just started to arrive in coastal water. They can be a bit tight lipped this time of year.

Weekend Weather report:

Friday 5/31: N Winds 5 To 10 Kt With Gusts Up To 20 Kt, Becoming W This Afternoon. Seas Around 2 Ft. Wave Detail: Se 2 Ft At 7 Seconds And N 1 Foot At 3 Seconds. High of: 72 Low of: 48

Saturday 6/1: W Winds 5 To 10 Kt, Becoming Sw With Gusts Up To 20 Kt In The Afternoon. Seas Around 2 Ft. Wave Detail: Se 2 Ft At 7 Seconds And W 1 Foot At 3 Seconds. High of: 78 Low of: 53

Sunday 6/2: Sw Winds 5 To 10 Kt. Seas 1 Foot Or Less. Wave Detail: Sw 1 Foot At 4 Seconds And Se 1 Foot At 8 Seconds. High of: 75 Low of: 56

Breachway Tides:

Friday:  Incoming 12:10 P.M., till 6:20 P.M., Outgoing 6:40 till 

Saturday: 1:10 A.M., Incoming 1:30 A.M. till 7:15 A.M., Outgoing 7:30 A.M. Till 1:20 P.M., Incoming 1:30 P.M. till 7:45 P.M., outgoing 8:00 PM till

Sunday: 2:15 A.M., incoming 2:25 A.M. Till 8:00 A.M., Outgoing 8:15 A.M,. till 2:00 P.M., Incoming 2:30 P.M. till 8:45 P.M.

Shop Hours This Week: Sunday-Friday 7-6 Saturday 6-6

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