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The Bite That Never Ends!

Rain, Rough Seas, and a North Northeast Wind. With Not so favorable boat conditions its been making it hard to get out-front and fish. We should see conditions improve as the week moves along. The boats that got out mid week did get on a good blackfish bite despite the water still be churned up near the mainland. Most blackfish being found between 15-40ft of water With that being said the shore fishing has been nothing but incredible. Looking at the conditions this weekend I would expect the bite to more than hold up. These overcast rainy days keep the bass eating throughout the day. This weekends conditions match last weekends pretty well and with the full moon in the forecast means bigger tide swings and the potential for a larger biomass to move into the area. This week fishing was more than consistent. It seemed to be that you could find fish on just about any tide. All the Breachways on the south shore have been red hot. With plenty of 30lb, a couple 40lb fish and thousand of schoolies to over slot fish. These fish are hitting a variety of lures. Out going on Point (darters, bottle plugs, big metal lips and swimmers like SP minnow or JoeBaggs Swarter). Incoming on point ( Needle fish, poppers, pencil poppers, spooks like JoeBaggs Skipper, Doc). Outgoing/Incoming in channel (Bucktails, soft plastics, swim shads). From the beach and back in ponds Top water during the day eels and swimming plugs at night. Most of the bite has been occurring on the rocks but if your patient fish have been moving into the pockets on both sides of the breachways. Albie reports are very inconsistent but as of recently I have heard of a few fish coming from the west wall and down around Watch hill. Not to many bluefish around it has been mainly stripped bass. This time of year there are all sorts of bait in the water, Peanut bunker, Adult bunker, needlefish, shad, snappers, mullet, rain bait, silversides, etc. Anything is fair game just have to get your line and lure in the water. Weekend Weather Report: Friday 9/29: Ne Winds 15 To 20 Kt With Gusts Up To 25 Kt. Seas 3 To 4 Ft. Rain With Isolated Tstms High of:63 Low of: 55

Saturday 9/30: Ne Winds 15 To 20 Kt With Gusts Up To 25 Kt. Seas 4 To 6 Ft. Rain Likely. Vsby 1 To 3 Nm. High of: 62 Low of: 55 Sunday 10/1: N Winds 15 To 20 Kt With Gusts Up To 25 Kt. Seas 3 To 5 Ft. High of: 72 Low of: 52

Breachway Tides:

Starting Friday 9/29: Incoming 5:20 till 11:20 A.M.

Outgoing 11:30 A.M. till 5:40 P.M.

Incoming 5:50 till 11:40 P.M

Outgoing 11:50 P.M 9/29 till 5:50 A.M 9/30 Saturday

Incoming 6:00 A.M till 12:10 P.M.

Outgoing 12:20 P.M. till 6:30 P.M.

Incoming 6:40 P.M till 12:50 A.M 10/1 Sunday

Outgoing 1:00 A.M. till 7:00 A.M.

Incoming 7:15 till 1:15 P.M.

Outgoing 1:30 till 7:30 P.M.

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