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By The Masses

The Numbers of fish continue to increase this week. Bass are feeding aggressively on a variety of bait; bunker, silversides, squid, cinder worms and shrimp. Fish are being caught anywhere from schoolie size up to 40 inches.

Water temp is slowly warming drawing a bunch of bait along the coast. A few reports of bluefish this week, these reports should increase and some bigger size blues should move in. Tautog are also coming in to shallower areas feeding on crabs, clam, and sandworms. 

There were a few worm hatches starting up in some of the very shallow coves of the salt ponds. Bass were present and feeding heavily. Squid masses haven't seemed to make their way into the beaches yet, but they should arrive soon possibly around the upcoming new moon.

In freshwater, trout fishing seems to be holding up pretty well and people have been catching some nice sized largemouth bass.

Weekend Weather report:

Friday 5/3: Ne Winds 10 To 15 Kt. Gusts Up To 20 Kt This Morning. Seas 2 To 3 Ft. Wave Detail: Ne 2 Ft At 4 Seconds And S 2 Ft At 5 Seconds. High of: 62 Low of: 45

Saturday 5/4: E Winds 5 To 10 Kt. Seas 1 Foot Or Less, Then Around 2 Ft In The Afternoon. Wave Detail: Se 1 Ft At 5 Seconds And Se 1 Ft At 11 Seconds. High of: 61 Low of: 40

Sunday 5/5: Se Winds 5 To 10 Kt. Seas Around 2 Ft. Wave Detail: Se 2 Ft At 5 Seconds And E 1 Ft At 8 Seconds. A Chance Of Showers. High of: 53 Low of: 45

Breachway Tides:

Friday: Incoming from  1:35 P.M. till  7:30 P.M., Outgoing from  7:45 P.M. Till 

Saturday: Till 2:20 A.M., incoming 2:30 A.M. till 8:05 A.M., outgoing 8:15 A.M. Till 2:30 P.M., incoming 2:45 P.M. till 8:30 P.M., outgoing 9:00 PM till 

Sunday: 3:00 A.M., incoming till 9:00 A.M. Till 8:30 A.M., outgoing 8:45 A.M,. till 3:20 P.M., incoming 3:30 P.M. till 9:45 P.M.

Shop Hours This Week: Sunday-Friday 8-6 Saturday 6-6

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