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They're Here

The temperature of the water out front is still below 50 degrees. We have some warm days in store for this very promising coming week, which will bring our water temperature up. Our season is starting to shape up, I know you guys are as ready as us.

We had fish stripers up to 25 inches long taken at the Breachway this week. More than a few very small schoolies were caught as well, mostly in the white wash at your feet. The large numbers have not yet materialized, but they could at any tide. We have luck with white lures in the spring 1 1/2 Oz bucktails, 5" storm shad, Cotton Cordell bone pencil popper, and Yo-Zuri hydro twitchbait as some of the lures that have been effective. This time of year, it's crucial to handle your fish properly. These fish, when cared for, will be the future of our fishery. Proper handling of fish is critical to the stock's overall health. As an angler, you may assist by changing out trebles for single hooks, cutting down on the amount of time they spend out of the water, and ensuring that they land in the water rather than beneath rocks.

Some fishermen have been pursuing tautog; during the spring, the females migrate along the coast to spawn, typically depositing their eggs in mussel beds. Tautog fluctuate with the seasons to maintain their ideal temperature range of 50 to 68 degrees. In the spring, this pulls the fish into the shallows for spawning and feeding, and in the winter, it pushes them back down to depths of 40 to 100 feet or more. This time of year, crabs, sandworms, and clams make good tautog bait.

With warm afternoons lately and shallow salt pond coves there have been a few worms hatching, getting there spawn done in peace without a striper in sight. Sounds like a smart cinder worm to me. As temps are right now I can see the majority of the hatch taking place right in line to when the majority of stripers should be in our area.

Weekend Weather report:

Friday 4/26: SW winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas around 2 ft. Wave Detail: SE  2 ft at 8 seconds and SW 1 ft at 3 seconds. High of: 56 Low of: 30

Saturday 4/27: 

SW winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas around 2 ft. Wave Detail: SW  1 ft at 2 seconds and S 1 ft at 7 seconds. High of: 58 Low of: 35

Sunday 4/28: SW winds 10 to 15 kt. Seas around 2 ft. Wave Detail: SE  2 ft at 8 seconds and SW 1 ft at 3 seconds. High of:60 Low of: 43

Breachway Tides:

Friday: Outgoing from  1:13 P.M. till  6:40 P.M., incoming from  6:55 P.M. Till 

Saturday: Till 1:20 A.M., outgoing 1:30 A.M. till 7:50 A.M., incoming 8 A.M. Till 2:00 P.M., outgoing 2:05 P.M. till 7:30 P.M., incoming 7:45 p.m. till 

Sunday: 2:00 A.M., outgoing 2:15 A.M. Till 8:30 A.M., Incoming 8:45 A.M,. till 2:45 P.M., Outgoing 3:00 P.M. till 9:15 P.M.

Shop Hours This Week: Sunday-Friday 8-5 Saturday 6-6

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