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On The Verge!

This week hasn't brought significant warming of the water; most places are between 46 and 48 degrees Fahrenheit. The tautog bite will likely kick up as soon as the temperature approaches fifty, squid will move inshore, and stripers will likely be dispersed along the RI coast.

A few whispers of fresh fish have surfaced, but nothing solid as of yet. Stripers migrate in waves, smaller fish typically break through first, with the larger classes following suit. According to reports, a lot of herring are passing through. Gannets can be observed diving in the mouth of Narragansett Bay, and bunker are already up in the bay!

Although the springtime weather hasn't been reliable, next week should bring higher temperatures. These days, the salt ponds warm up far more quickly than the ocean does. As the tide goes out, warmer water pushes out and mixes with cooler water, which frequently attracts bait and makes stripers congregate in these warmer water pockets. We are at the brink of our season unraveling completely. I would advise making a couple casts at this point to secure your first fresh fish of the year.

Weekend Weather report:

Friday 4/19: E Winds Around 10 Kt. Seas 2 To 4 Ft. Wave Detail: Se 4 Ft At 7 Seconds And E 1 Ft At 4 Seconds. High of: 54 Low of: 43

Saturday 4/20: Sw Winds 5 To 10 Kt. Seas 2 To 3 Ft. Wave Detail: Se 3 Ft At 7 Seconds And W 2 Ft At 3 Seconds. Showers, Mainly In The Morning. Patchy Fog In The Morning With Vsby 1 To 3 Nm. High of: 58 Low of: 43

Sunday 4/21: W Winds 10 To 15 Kt With Gusts Up To 25 Kt. Seas 2 To 3 Ft. Wave Detail: W 2 Ft At 3 Seconds And Se 2 Ft At 7 Seconds. High of:54 Low of: 35

Breachway Tides:

Friday: Outgoing from 9:00 A.M. till  3:05 P.M., incoming from  3:20 P.M. Till 9:20 P.M Outgoing 9:35 P.M.

Saturday: Till 3:35 A.M., incoming 3:50 A.M. till 9:50 A.M., outgoing 10 A.M. Till 3:40 P.M., Incoming 3:55 P.M. till 9:50 P.M., Outgoing 10:00 p.m. till

Sunday: 4:10 A.M., incoming 4:20 a.m. till 10:20 A.M., outgoing 10:30 A.M. Till 4:20 p.m., Incoming 4:30 P.M. till 10:30 P.M.

Shop Hours This Week:Sunday-Friday 8-5Saturday 6-6

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