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We're Ready!

Enough of the rain already, today we're finally opening the shop for the fishing season. We can't wait to see our local waters gradually come back to life in the coming weeks. We're gearing up for the beginning of trout fishing, starting tomorrow, and will be open from 6 am to 6 pm!

The migratory Striped bass could arrive anytime and the local holdover fish population has been quite active this week. On the brighter days, earlier this week, some determined individuals tried their luck at catching the first fresh fish of the season. In anticipation of striped bass arriving, it can help to get out there and try your best, despite limited reports to reference from. I usually search for structures that are ideally located according to our predominate SW wind. These structures tend to hold bait and make great feeding grounds for migratory fish. Some of these sites include the West Wall, the western sides of the Breachways, and the area in front of Ocean Mist.

We've had a few of our customers pop in to buy green crabs in hopes of catching tautog or anything else that may bite. 


Weekend Weather report:

Friday 4/12: S Winds 25 To 30 Kt, Diminishing To 20 To 25 Kt This Afternoon. Gusts Up To 40 Kt. Seas 9 To 12 Ft. Areas Of Fog This Morning, Then Patchy Fog This Afternoon with a chance of showers. 

Saturday 4/13: Sw Winds 15To 20 Kt With Gusts Up To 35 Kt. Seas 6 To 9 Ft.

Sunday 4/14: W Winds 10 To 15 Kt With Gusts Up To 20 Kt. Seas 3 To 5 Ft.

Breachway Tides:

Friday: Outgoing from 2:30 P.M. till 8:40 P.M., incoming from 9:00 P.M.

Saturday: Till 3:30 A.M., outgoing 3:35 A.M. till 9:45 A.M., Incoming 10 A.M. Till 4:00 P.M., Outgoing 4:15 P.M. till 10:00 P.M., Incoming 10:15 p.m. till 

Sunday: 4:00 A.M., outgoing 4:15 a.m. till 10:15 A.M., Incoming 10:30 A.M. Till 4:30 p.m., Outgoing 4:45 till 10:45 P.M.

Shop Hours This Week: Sunday-Friday 8-5Saturday 6-6

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